• HEUTE:  
    oblačno, ploha
  • DON:  
    oblačno, plohe
  • FRE:  
    pretežno oblačno, plohe


  • Reduzbek (Tripadvisor)
    Reduzbek (Tripadvisor) “Great apartment in fantastic location” We really enjoyed our stay here. It...
    MtnMan81 (Tripadvisor)
    MtnMan81 (Tripadvisor) “Great place in the mountains” My wife and I had a great time in Bohinj. Th...
    Ajsclapham (Tripadvisor)
    Ajsclapham (Tripadvisor) “great base for walks” We were upgraded to another - larger - nearby apartm...
    Werner72 (Tripadvisor)
    Werner72 (Tripadvisor)   “Perfect area, perfect holidays”   The area around Triglav na...
    Evemarie0703 (Tripadvisor)
    Evemarie0703 (Tripadvisor)   “Almost Paradise”   It was a lucky decision to choose Alpik App...
    Mucaram (Tripadvisor)
    Mucaram (Tripadvisor)   “Clean friendly place for mountain trekking”   A well located p...
    Goga Jevtić (Tripadvisor)
    Goga Jevtić (Tripadvisor)   “Paradise :)”   Ten years ago we accidentally wandered into a v...
    TRavel696900 (Tripadvisor)
    TRavel696900 (Tripadvisor)   “Value-for-money apartment in a wonderful location”   Apartman ...
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